Welcome to YouPHPTube’s doc

You just find a open video-plattform.

This project has a huge functionality and can be used for various scenarios.

For example, we provide:

  • A streamer, for watching the videos
    • Various filetypes
    • Various plugins
      • A lot of plugins allow you to customize
        • Your player
        • Your main-view / template
        • Your logins (Google, Facebook…)
        • Your server-load
        • Your video-storage
    • Tracking the watched videos by views
    • Use channels and subscriptions
  • A encoder
    • Allow you to upload almost any format on another server and save it local on your streamer
    • Direct youtube-download-support

For more information, read our Readme

For users and developers

The main-purpose of this documentation are admins. But we also have documentation for users and developers


This is a project is developed by a few people. Like for every other php-script, this project requires some little expirience. We provide a rudimentary setup-howto for some systems. For advance your installation for further purposes, please search for apache-, php- or mysql-howtos for the systemadministrator-work. We simply can’t answer all sysadmin-related questions and a lot of topics are covered already out there.

If problems appear, consider read the troubeshoot-guide downer. In case it does not solve it, follow the guide to do a proper issue at github.

Our code support various systems and we have some howto’s to setup a entire server as well. Mainly, we support and test Apache and Ubuntu (and Nginx for live-streamer-setup).

If you choose other systems, you propaply need to know them and maybe some general . If you like to provide a howto, this is welcome!


When you have a lot of users, your server can reach it’s limits. To prevent this, there are some things possible.

  • Use a host with mysqlnd enabled! We provide support for non-mysqlnd-host’s, but we have a SQL-cache for mysqlnd only. Also, this is a fast, native driver (better performance anyway). If you are unshure if you have this, ask your hoster.
  • Enable minify of javascript! This helps only, to reduce the bandwidth a little. Go to advanced customization-plugin and enable “Minify JS”. Clear videos/cache after this!
  • Enable the Cache-Plugin
  • Disable gifs(Gallery- and Youphpflix-plugin) or not set gifs (use less bandwidth)


Various things can cause problems. Here, you find steps that eventualy fix your problem. If it doesn’t, please read Check Ajax answer and How to find errors on YouPHPTube for a usefull issue - this makes it easier for us to help you.

Known problems

  • If the chart is not counting videos, try disable the Cache-Plugin.